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Welcome to AndEngine Guides!  Our primary purpose here is to help you understand how to use AndEngine.  AndEngine is a great game environment, but as of now, there are not very many good programming guides for it. We hope to change that.  Each week (and sometimes more), we’ll work to outline something to do with game programming through AndEngine- whether it’s simple guides on how to get started, or in-depth analysis for those getting ready to release a game, we hope AndEngine Guides will help make your game development smoother and more powerful than ever!


About the author: Will Shelor has loved to program from an early age, but never really spent much time programming until the new smartphones came out.  He founded Good Egg Apps in the Spring of 2011, and has spent the time since then working on apps both for the Android (using primarily AndEngine) and the iPhone (using Cocos2d).

  1. Hi, first of all I want to congratulate you for this excelent website and your hight quality tutorials :), I was following the steps of your post, I was be able to follow the steps until the part of “repeat the process with the following Mercurial addresses”, I did what was indicated there but I still have some errors :(, in the file of that is on the org.anddev.andengine.examples I have the following errors (check the image plz :)) , and if you see the bottom eclipse throw me that the file is missing :s, but this file is there, could you help me :)?

    Please forgive me if my english isn’t correct at all jeje, Im still learning :p.

  2. Alevskey, your english is great! I’m glad you are enjoying the tutorials, and thanks for bringing this bug to my attention. The error stating that your file is missing is a common one with Android- what it means is that the project cannot be built because of errors. The file is automatically created by Eclipse when the project has no errors; its absence is a result of the fact that the project isn’t building.

    And the project isn’t building because I missed the SVG texture packer extension. Sorry about that! Try the guide again, but just add the last one- I’ve edited it in. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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